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There were only 5 entrants, each entrant was given a number according to the order they’d entered the giveaway.  To choose the winner I used true random number generator.

CONGRATULATIONS NAOMI, please contact me  (either on Facebook or here), so I could send you the goodies 😉

p.s. I spent 2 hours trying to paste the true random number generator on here, but it wouldn’t recognize the  php format.  So I guess you’ll just have to believe my words…

xxx, snm


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8 thoughts on “BLOG GIVEAWAY – and the WINNER is…

  1. awww, I didn’t win. Congrats Naomi!

    (P.S. not sure why the php format wouldn’t work, but try doing a screenshot next time perhaps, that should do the trick. 🙂 Must try the random generator thing in my next giveaway. – Well done for doing this giveaway btw 😉 )


  2. Yay, how exciting! Thank you so much 🙂


    • Hey Naomi! Please send me your details (you can do it on Facebook-you know my name in the WFBC group) so I could send it first thing Monday morning. You won EA body lotion and original classic Japanese oil blotting papers. xxx


  3. Next time you can take a “print screen” and edit in paint or something 😉

    Hugs Frida


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