…full-on glam with a little bit of S & M!

Underwear ad…

…or pornography?

Just to make it clear, I have nothing against neither of the aforementioned. However, what I do have against is not drawing a clear(er) line between the two.

Isn’t this a bit too much for a bra ad? What do you think?

xxx, snm



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9 thoughts on “Underwear ad…

  1. hhaa, it’s not an ad, porn def!a bit too much for a bra…


  2. i would definitely wank to it making me think it’s porn but at the end of the day it is not just a bra, that’s a support mechanism. This is lingerie which is made to boost sexual desire etcetc and that is what the video is insinuating so in turn it’s also an effective piece of advertising.


    • Hey Alex! Never really thought about lingerie and underwear as two different concepts… Semantics! I agree this is a quite effective piece of advertising, though. Just getting a bit tired of sex being openly shown everywhere for no obvious reasons (here at least we have a bra!). Our brains are wired to find a bit of mystery sexy. I can’t seem to find anything mysterious in nudity everywhere I turn. (Ok, porn excluded, I shall admit :D)


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  4. While the ad it self is hot, I wouldn’t want my kiddos to see it. It’s an after 10pm ad for sure.


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