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The sexiest accent?

I came across Ann Summers’ facebook page with an interesting status question:

What’s the sexiest accent?

I vote for British English, by which I mean the one that’s closest to RP (”received pronunciation”), commonly understood as ”posh”.  Plain BBC English, that is.  Chanel of all languages in my world!

p.s. Now I feel a strong (and perhaps very British!) urge to apologize to every native speaker of English who speaks in a different way from the one mentioned above. I’m going to resist it! 😉

So, what do you say? What’s the sexiest accent?


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8 thoughts on “The sexiest accent?

  1. I think British English, (RP) is the sexiest accent too! I think it sounds highly sophisticated and educated, things I like in a guy. It makes them sound more like a gentlemen. This is one of the reasons I wanted to study abroad in England, to hear a lot people with a British accent and I hoped I would pick it up a bit as well, since I study English and I think it just sounds great.


    • Couldn’t agree more. We definitely have something in common – studying English and living in England, for example… 🙂 I’m positive you’ll pick up the accent, at least to a certain degree – depending on your native language. I wish you luck with the British guys, too!


      • keepingupwiththekelly on said:

        It’s always nice to have things in common with someone 😀 I’m already back in The Netherlands, I only studied in England for one semester 😦 My native language is Dutch and I don’t mean to brag but my English has always been quite good and has improved even more during my time in England. I didn’t have any luck with the British guys, luckily I did meet very handsome guy from The Netherlands which makes the relationship a whole lot easier now we’re both back home.


  2. Totally agree lol I’m from NYC and we have what some would consider the most harshest gangster accents hahah


  3. I love Irish accents and South African accents. They both have such cool ways to say things. I almost giggle listening to someone who’s speaking french with a south African accent. When I hear someone speaking with an Irish accent I cannot help but pick it up and start talking with one too. Sad part is, my accent is by accident, but they think I’m purposely picking it it up and making fun! lol Usually the Irish have a good sense of humor, so they just laugh at me.


    • sexnmakeupdiaries on said:

      South African accent is absolutely hilarious! Had a colleague from Cape Town, the way she pronounced words was soooo cute and funny!


  4. definitely British English…my husband is british…I love his accent! ❤


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