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Covering redness – ARTDECO Camouflage Cream

First and foremost, my deepest apologies to anybody who has occasionally dropped by only to find nothing new on the blog – as I can see on my stats, there have been quite a few of you during this looooong time since the last post. What can I say, I had some major changes in my life last year…selling and buying a flat, moving and getting married – being some of them.

The reason I’m back today after such a long time is ArtDeco’s Camouflage Cream, it has completely changed my morning routine and I just had to share it! Ok, my friends know that I usually joke about my skin being my best organ. I guess I have genetics to thank for that. Of course, I still needed a dozen products and a small fortune to get me through the door in the morning for a long time. That is, until I found this little miracle! This is a true life saver for anybody with rosacea or redness-related skin conditions.

What ARTDECO says:

Waterproof cover cream for every skin type to cover red veins, pigmented moles, port-wine stains, tattoos, etc.

What snm/I say:

Very true. Also, if it covers tattoos it’s simply bound to cover just about anything. Seriously, if I had Mr. Christian Grey in my bedroom this would have covered all the signs of crying/boredom. It’s that good. Not convinced? Read on:

  • a little goes a long way, I usually repurchase every 6 months with everyday use
  • doubles up as a foundation AND concealer – just dab Camouflage Cream on the face where needed using preferred application tool (fingers, sponge, brush)
  • provides full coverage AND it’s waterproof
  • it’s very affordable (around 6 € / 4 £ / 7 $)
  • can be used all year round, stays put even in extreme conditions (50 shades not being one of those IMO)


Have you tried this little miracle? Any opinions? Also, any thoughts on ”50 shades of Grey” are more than welcome!!!

LOVE, snm


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