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February wishlist

My current obsessions, in random order:

1.) Lancôme LA VIE EST BELLE

I’m in love. Sweet but not sickly sweet, strong but not overpowering. The smell lasts forever. Why on my wishlist instead on my bathroom shelf already? It’s darn expensive… :patience:

La vie est belle - DELICIOUS!

La vie est belle – DELICIOUS!


THE highlighter. The name speaks for itself.

BB SB in ''rose''

BB SB in ”rose”

3.) NAYO KEMON hair colour

The first hair dye that I don’t have a bad reaction to – completely odourless and very gentle to my sensitive scalp. Unfortunately I can’t seem to be able to get it online as it’s for professional use only – any info appreciated!

NaYo Kemon

NaYo Kemon

4.) A girl for our lab – collie – pug (yes, pug!) mix Kuma-chan 😉

DSC_0037 (Medium)

I love wishlist blog posts so feel free to link them below!

hugs, snm


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