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Lanc么me La Base Pro Primer

I’ve been preparing for the baby during the past week, hence the laziness here… 馃槈

Skin primers made their appearance a few years ago, claiming to do all sorts of wonders – smoothing, resurfacing, blurring fine lines…I’ve tried a few skin primers so far, yet to be convinced I really need this in my already too lengthy morning beauty routine (just ask my husband)!

Lanc么me La Base Pro Primer claims to be inspired by make-up artist techniques, Lanc么me reveals the secret for a perfect complexion! An ultra-soft, translucent make-up base to smooth skin surface and boost make-up staying power.


However, it certainly does make skin a lot smoother, so this might help if your skin is not as smooth as you’d like it to be or if there’s some acne scarring. Moreover, make-up glides on more easily but, as it’s silicone-based, oil tends to show through in 2-3 hours…So, I’m afraid I couldn’t really justify the hefty price tag for a little bit of extra smoothness! That being said, if your skin is rather damaged or you live in a very cold area this might become your HG product!

Would I repurchase? No. 馃槮

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Any better experiences with primers? 馃槈






December Wishlist

Currently I’m craving:

1.) Lanc么me La Base Pro

lancome primer

2.) Sisley Global Perfect Pore Minimizer


3.) Clinique Redness Solutions Urgent Relief Cream


4.) Dior 5 Couleurs in Fairy Golds (Grand Bal Collection)

fairy golds

5.) Swarovski Hello Kitty Holiday Charm

hello kitty holiday

What is on your festive wishlist? Love, snm



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